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HR by the Hour

Our team of highly-skilled HR consultants can focus on managing your Human resources needs, whether managing tedious compliance issues, rapid-fire staffing level changes, dealing with changes in employment law, or helping you stay current on the most effective cost-saving and performance-building trends.

We are a team of Human Resources professionals with in depth knowledge and proven experience in all aspects of people management from the most strategic issue challenges to the most tactical processes. Whether meeting your specific needs on an hourly basis, or, outsourcing your entire HR function, this holistic perspective places us in a unique position to add significant value to your organization.

Your Options:

  1. HR Placement – R L Wilson and Associates places a qualified full or part-time HR professional on-site at the client.  We have Project Managers whose career has been in Human Resources, searching and placing HR professionals.
  2. HR Outsourcing – R L Wilson and Associates becomes or supplements your HR team to fulfill any of your HR needs.  Whether large or small organization, we can assist your team focus on other core competencies.  Too small to have a full time HR professional.  No problem.  We can provide HR by the hour.
  3. HR Consulting – R L Wilson and Associates provides targeted organization/HR consulting based on your specific needs:
  • recruitment surge
  • reduction in forces
  • out-sourcing for a mass layoff
  • compensation surveys
  • policy/procedure manuals
  • union avoidance training
  • drug testing/screening training
  • employment law questions (phone hot line)
  • acquisition research
  • college recruitment
  • employee surveys
  • implementation of Warn Act
  • work rule development
  • OSHA training
  • training
  • performance management

We can provide these on a project basis or by the hour. R L Wilson & Associates will customize our consulting services to best fit you and your business. Our experienced HR experts can provide a turnkey service, effectively operating as your company’s HR department, or they can work in tandem with your existing staff to supplement your team and its needs.

We believe that successful client engagements are based on trusting relationships and meeting unique business needs. Our goal is to collaborate with clients to truly understand your challenges and create tailored solutions to maximize your effectiveness and results. Whether you have major organizational challenges or basic employee issues, R L Wilson & Associates will be there to provide the most efficient and effective solutions and support..